About Telsoft

Telsoft consults for major telecommunications carriers and regulators. We develop strategies to enhance profitability of industry which faces the need to transform through todays rapid global transition.

Public-private partnerships are becoming a primary engine for delivering core social infrastructure. Telsoft assists executives in industries and across tiers of government to visualise, plan and manage networks that will support the full range of emerging applications for information technologies.

A key task for businesses is how to utilise complex technical systems to enhance market reach, competitive edge and resource efficiency. Telsoft applies the distinctive character and business context of our clients to solve the competitive, technical and regulatory challenges. Today's threshold technologies provide the opportunity for businesses to evolve beyond orthodox costing and pricing of services. Telsoft methodology & models help our clients to move beyond static information architecture and average pricing in business and economic governance. In their place, we deliver business insight based on the virtual integration of dynamic, distributed data flows available through the client's own network resources.

By analysing network traffic flows and cash flows in granular detail, we can produce fine-tuned differentiation in pricing and service options, optimise network management, and model future demand for new technology-based services and applications.

Our People

TelSoft brings together a team of highly skilled consultants, with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry and multidisciplinary experience, knowledge and skills in Telecommunications, Engineering, and Computer Science including Operations Research, Marketing, Accounting and Economics. Our skills include small group facilitation, project management, and business transformation.



Our Founder


Dr. Anthony de Silva is the founding Director of TelSoft . Building on over 25-year experience in the Communications Industry across the globe, working in Strategy, Regulatory, Marketing, Pricing and Technology, Dr. de Silva works with a vision that the communications business is the key enabler of Economic growth.

Prior to starting TelSoft, Dr de Silva worked as a senior ITU expert for the UN, and has assisted more than 30 countries in developing telecommunications services including the initial introduction and establishment of inter country links. In several countries Dr de Silva pioneered the use of strategic IT applications in telecommunications for granular analysis to optimise the business. Building on this work , Dr. de Silva went on to establish TelSoft as the leading-edge telecommunications transformation enabler, with the goal of improving lives, well-being and future opportunities for millions of people call by call and session by session at a time. The TelSoft Group embodies these values and aspirations in all our working projects and research work.